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It’s the Danbury martial arts program everyone’s raving about. Why? Because kids not only have FUN… they learn focus, self-defense, get healthy, and more. Click now to get the full scoop on this amazing class. Click Here



Feel safe while you get in shape! Every punch, kick, and cardio circuit completed will boost self-esteem and teach lifesaving self-defense skills. Push through, meet new friends, and have a blast! Click now to learn more. Click Here


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Parents and kids train TOGETHER in these super-fun, exciting 1 hour classes! Moms, dads, and children learn powerful martial arts, get great exercise, overcome challenges together, and more. Click now to learn more. Click Here

About Danbury Kanreikai Karate

We’re excited to share our passion for martial arts with you. Some people think that our Danbury Martial Arts school might seem like the rest… just another place to get fit and learn self-defense… but to us it’s so much more.

Danbury Kanreikai Karate as part of the World Kanreikai Karate international organization teaches traditional Japanese, full-contact karate for all ages. We’re a community of advanced martial artists and role models. We’re highly respected within the USA Karate Federation and international martial arts community.

Our mission is to provide our students with an efficient program of physical activity, to better ourselves in a safe and friendly environment, and to offer a way of life filled with personal achievements.

We are committed to providing quality martial arts instruction for ages 5 through adult. Our Grand Master, Hanshi Manny Matias, has been motivating and inspiring students for over three decades. Hanshi and our students have won many regional, national, and international awards over the years.

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Suzanne Paquin

Owner, Danbury Kanreikai Karate