2018-2019 World Kanreikai Karate Calendar

Please note that this schedule may be subject to change.

December 2018

20th – Belt Promotion Test 5:30pm (DKK)

20thHoliday Pot Luck 6:30pm-8:30pm (DKK)

24th to 31st – Christmas Break (DKK Closed)

January 2019

1st – New Year’s Day (DKK Closed)

5th – New Year’s Training @ 10:00am (DKK)

26th – Battle on the Boardwalk @ 8:00 am (New Jersey)

February 2019

22nd – Black Belt Promotion Test (Montreal, QC)

April 2019

5th – Black Belt Promotion Test (Jonquiere, QC)

6th – Defi Challenge (Jonquiere, QC)

27th – Yukon Championship (Ste Anne De Bellevue, QC)

May 2019

11th – Joliette 2019 Edition (Joliette, QC)