Who We Are

Welcome to Danbury Kanreikai Karate! Within each of us, there is a limit, a threshold that seems insurmountable. Our approach at Danbury Kanreikai Karate is to go beyond the limits of our existing capabilities every day. When we do that, new and more challenging ones emerge, and they too must be overcome. Our quest is to compete with ourselves to maximize our potential through martial arts.

Our philosophy lies within the name “Kanreikai”:

KAN: Go beyond your limits.
REI: Maximize your abilities.
KAI: Together, as a group.

Danbury Kanreikai Karate welcomes students of all ages and abilities, including beginners! We teach Karate in a safefun and friendly atmosphere where respect, perseverance, and mutual help are valued.

World Kanreikai Karate’s Grand Master Hanshi Manny Matias has been at the helm of our school since it’s beginning in 2004. Our Instructors work tirelessly to promote Karate as a first rate fitness activity, a Powerful tool for personal growth and an exciting competition sport.

Life skills for your personal development and success. Whether you’re 5 or 95, character-building skills are developed and improved with Kanreikai Karate’s traditional values and concepts. You’ll gain:

Those are PRICELESS BENEFITS…something we like to think of as “affordable excellence.”

Respectful of our traditional code of conduct, our students EARN every rank through hard work and determination and thrive within the welcoming family of Kanreikai Karate.

Danbury Kanreikai Karate’s patient and skilled Instructors have mentored thousands of students since 2004. Numerous members have competed in regional, national and international competitions achieving Champion status.

All Danbury Kanreikai Karate Instructors are well known and respected within the U.S.A. Karate Federation and throughout the International Martial Arts Community as master technicianschampion fighters and international tournament judges.

Chief Instructor

Hanshi Manny Matias, 8th Dan, co-founder and Grand Master of World Kanreikai Karate, has been training students in the United States and Canada since 1971.

During the 1970s and 80s, Manny Matias acquired a solid reputation as a lightweight fighter and a knockdown champion throughout North America. Since then, he has trained many champions for international full contact tournaments.

He is highly regarded in martial arts circles worldwide as both a fighter and a technician in Japanese Karate.

In addition to his numerous awards that he received during his career, Manny Matias has been featured in an international martial arts movie. He was admitted to the U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2003 where he was named ‘Shihan of the Year in Japanese Karate’, and in 2014, for achieving the utmost of honors possible, ‘Hall of Heroes – Karate Living Legacy / Pioneer Award’ for his years of dedication to the martial arts.

In the mid 1980s, Manny decided to follow his master, Soshu Shigeru Oyama and contributed to the foundation and development of the World Oyama Karate Organization. Ranked 4th in the organization, he found himself at the helm of thousands of students.

Manny Matias faithfully followed his master until Soshu Shigeru Oyama closed his dojo in New York and stepped down as Director of the organization in 2004.

Thereafter, Hanshi Manny Matias, Sensei Robert Underhill and Shihan Denis Cordeiro founded a new organization called “World Kanreikai Karate”. It is within this organization that he pursues the teachings of the great Masters Mas Oyama and Shigeru Oyama.

Today, the World Kanreikai Karate Organization has grown to 21 schools throughout the U.S.A., Canada and Israel.

Lead Instructor

Sensei Matthew Dickie, 3rd Dan, entered the martial arts in 1999 under the guidance of Shihan Kenji Fujiwara in Monroe, CT. Through hard work and dedicated training, in 2004 he achieved the rank of 1st Dan with the Kyokushin Ki Organization.

Shortly thereafter, news broke that the dojo was moving to a new location many miles away. This move made it difficult for Matt to continue his training under Shihan Kenji Fujiwara.

Longtime fellow martial arts students under Mas Oyama and Shigeru Oyama of the World Oyama Organization, Shihan Kenji introduced Matt to Hanshi Manny Matias who is the chief instructor and co-founder of the World Kanreikai Organization.

Matthew Dickie excitedly began his training under Hanshi Manny as a white belt (beginner) and again, through hard work and dedication, achieved the rank of 1st Dan in 2006 with the World Kanreikai Karate Organization.

As a 1st Dan, Matt took on the role of Instructor at the Danbury Kanreikai dojo and actively participated in local community martial arts demonstrations, began his training as an international tournament judge, and started participating in a number of karate tournaments.

By 2009, Matt became a lead instructor at the dojo, organized and performed numerous community events, participated in regional, national and international competitions where he ranked in the top three, completed his training as an international tournament judge, and achieved the rank of 2nd Dan.

In 2014, Matthew Dickie partnered with World Kanreikai Karate’s Director of Operations, Suzanne Paquin in the purchase of the Danbury Kanreikai Karate dojo.

Shortly thereafter, Matt and Suzanne orchestrated the Kanreikai Open 2016 Championship. The first World Kanreikai Karate tournament in Connecticut since 2007 with successful results.

Today, alongside chief instructor Hanshi Manny Matias, Sensei Matthew Dickie teaches daily, spends his spring and fall seasons traveling internationally for his role as tournament judge, co-manages the Danbury Kanreikai dojo, all the while diligently training to achieve his current rank of 3rd Dan.












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