Kids Martial Arts


Respect, focus, and confidence are the most important things kids walk away with in Danbury Kanreikai’s classes.

Our martial arts program is about more than “punches and kicks”. It’s about helping your child succeed in life.

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5 Ways Karate Will Benefit Children


It’s important for children to partake in regular activity. In our increasingly sedentary lifestyle, a few hours a week can be enough to combat obesity, poor muscle development, poor coordination, and other health issues. Warm-up exercises and the martial art routines themselves challenge your muscles and cardiovascular system. Martial artists are known for being toned, flexible, and fit. Further, your children will build positive exercising habits.

Self Defense

The ability to defend yourself is empowering. With regular practice, your child will learn to defend him or herself in a variety of ways. Moreover, your child will learn techniques to avoid problems in the first place. They will become confident with themselves and their skills, and learn to avoid violence entirely.


Karate will help instill mental focus into your child. They will have the ability to concentrate on a goal and see it to the end. They’ll learn the value of hard work and the rewards it can bring. Discipline is taught in the dojo in regards to etiquette, uniform, customs, and techniques. This mindset will flow into other aspects of your child’s life, including school work, relationships, and chores.


No other concept is more important to the martial arts than respect. Respect must be shown the moment your child enters the dojo. Children will learn to honor their instructors and advanced students. They will treat their peers with dignity and sportsmanship. We find our students carry this attitude outside the dojo and continue to respect their parents, teachers, and most importantly, themselves.


The belt ranking system is specifically designed to reward children for their achievements in a manner that keeps them hungry to continue. They will experience the pride that comes with seeing a task through and growing alongside their teammates. The sense of accomplishment a child feels by mastering a new technique or graduating to a new belt will stay with him forever.

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