Family Martial Arts

Martial Arts is a powerful tool for self-defense… but it’s also a powerful tool for family bonding!

Introducing: Danbury Kanreikai’s Family Martial Arts classes – where moms, dads, and kids train alongsie one another to learn self-defense, get great fitness, and strengthen their bonds, too.

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5 Ways Karate Will Benefit Your Family


Busy families often don’t have enough time to get proper exercise. Between work, school, and social activities, we forget to take care of our bodies. Karate training challenges your muscles and cardiovascular system while you’re learning and having a great time. Training without weights reduces the risk of injury. You and your family will get an intense workout without even realizing.

Self Defense

Everyone needs to know how to defend themselves. As you train as a family, you and you’ll children will empower yourselves with the proper techniques to protect yourself from harm. More importantly, you’ll gain skills to avoid problems in the first place. Your children will learn healthy habits about confrontation and fighting.


Discipline is taught in the dojo in regards to etiquette, uniform, customs, and techniques. Karate will help you concentrate on a goal and see it to the end. The ability to finish a task and do it well are essential for a productive life. As  you refine you techniques and become more skilled, you and your family will appreciate the hard work you’ve invested, and apply your new discipline to other aspects of your life.


This is an opportunity for you and your family to spend time together. Each week you’ll set aside a bit of quality time without distractions or intrusions where you’ll learn and grow alongside your loved ones. Unlike a typical hobby, the challenges and struggles associated with karate training bring people together, rather than setting them apart.


Everyone can use a dose of confidence.  Our belt ranking system is designed to reward your achievements as you progress and stimulate your drive for more. The confidence you gain will affect other areas of your life, including work and school. Your family will be more willing to push harder for the things they want out their lives, like that promotion, or acceptance to their favorite college.