Michael Cordeiro

Sensei Michael Cordeiro of Montreal Kanreikai has been invited to the 4th Kyokushin Union Cup World Karate Championship on January 21st, 2017, in Okinawa, Japan. Such an invitation extended to a fighter not affiliated with a Kyokushin Karate Federation is very rare and brings honor to Sensei Michael as well as the World Kanreikai Karate Organization.

Sensei Michael is presently the Chief Instructor at World Kanreikai Karate’s Vaudreuil, Canada Dojo. Besides being an excellent teacher, he is a very skilled and experienced fighter. He entered the martial arts at age 5 and started competing shortly thereafter. For the last seven years, Sensei Michael has participated as a Knockdown Fighter in no less than eight tournaments annually in the U.S.A., Canada and Poland.

In an effort to support Sensei Michael in this great adventure, Danbury Kanreikai Karate hosted two fundraiser events on December 15 & 16th, 2016 at the Danbury Dojo. Each event offered the students from Danbury, CT a variety of training techniques focusing on tournament competition and endurance. All left with a deeper knowledge, focused skills and experience as a fighter.

Danbury Kanreikai Students and Instructors embraced the knowledge that Sensei Michael shared these two days and enjoyed his classes immensely. In support, the students, parents and friends of Danbury Kanreikai Karate donated a total of $1,100.00 to Sensei Michael. It is our hope that these funds will help with Sensei Michael’s travel expenses etc., in his journey to Japan as a representative of World Kanreikai Karate.

Best of Luck Sensei Michael. Go Kanreikai!

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