Belt Promotion Test


On Thursday, December 8th, 2016, Hanshi Manny hosted a Belt Promotion Test at the Danbury Kanreikai Dojo.

Hard work and discipline are necessary to achieve each grade. It is important to emphasize that a new belt does not solely reflect progress in terms of physical achievement. It also means that the student has an increased responsibility to improve and create an example for other students.

A student is invited to test when he or she as not only achieved the required class time, but has shown Hanshi and the DKK Instructors through dedicated training and hard work, that they have acquired the skills to achieve the next grade or rank.

Sensei Gary London guided the students through their warm up and katas. Hanshi then instructed the students through a series of techniques followed by organized sparring sessions.

The following Students achieved the new rank of:

Brown Belt

  • Steven Vournazos
  • Tony Vournazos

Orange Belt

  • Alan Vega

Yellow Belt

  • Melanie Axilote
  • Marley Minchala
  • Josh Valverde
  • Sergiu-Gabriel Mihu

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