[custom_frame_right]fight1[/custom_frame_right]All our instructors are dedicated teachers and trainers. Most of them have significant competition experience. They can develop their students’ physical and mental approaches to competition. Our instructors prepare their students by putting emphasis on good technique and improving their resolution, tenacity, and self confidence. Our approach focuses on developing our fighters’ psyche as well as their technique.

We encourage our fighters to take part in competition early, at a belt level that allows them to learn safely from the experience and develop successfully. To participate in Knockdown fighting, adult students must commit to training seriously and follow a specific development program that will prepare them physically and mentally for such a challenge.

Kata and Weapon Kata Events

Adults compete against participants of the same belt level. Children and teens are grouped into categories according to their belt level and age. For Weapon Kata, competitors use the weapon of their choice. Participants perform a kata in front of 3-5 judges, whom are all highly ranked black belts from various schools. Each judge gives a score on a scale from one to ten and the total determines the ranking in the competition.

Semi-Knockdown Fighting

The decision to take part in a semi-knockdown fighting competition belongs entirely to the student (and his/her parents, if they’re under 18 years old). All participants must wear the mandatory protective gear. Adults compete against fighters of the same belt level and weight category. Children and teens are grouped into categories according to belt, weight, and age. The pairing of fighters is always closely supervised by instructors.

There is one center judge and 2 or 4 corner judges. During the fight, both fighters must use legal techniques and obey the center judge at all times. At the end of the fight (1.5 to 2 minutes), the center judge calls on the corner judges for their verdict.

Knockdown Fighting

These fights are most often held at an international level and always offer the fighters a tremendous challenge. Experienced adult fighters can take part in knockdown competitions, which means full contact fighting without protective gear (no gloves, no pads, and no helmet). Each fighter tries to defeat his/her opponent while using legal techniques, respecting the rules of engagement and showing a high level of sportsmanship at all times.

Knockdown fighters are divided into preset weight and gender categories and paired ahead of time. For each category, the sequence of fights includes qualifiers, quarter finals, semi finals, and finals. There are one center judge and 4 corner judges. All judges are highly ranked black belts. The corner judges call the fight and the center judge controls the fighters and holds the tie-breaking vote when necessary.

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