As part of the  World Kanreikai Karate Organization, each stage of training is designed to gradually improve the student’s physical performance, concentration, and self-confidence. New students wear a white belt. This belt illustrates their desire to learn and improve. At this stage, each student’s main concern should be to establish a regular training schedule, and comply with rules of conduct at the dojo. He or she will begin to learn the basics of karate.


Progress is measured by a gradation system. This system is reflected in the belt’s color. Hard work and discipline are necessary to achieve each grade. The Sensei will know when a student is ready to advance. It is important to emphasize that a new belt does not solely reflect progress in terms of physical achievement. It also means that the student has an increased responsibility to improve and create an example for other students.

In our organization we use the following tip and belt color gradation system.


Level Color Meaning
Beginner White Belt Purity
Beginner Blue Tip
Beginner Blue Belt Dedication
Beginner Yellow Tip
Beginner Yellow Belt Foundation
Beginner Orange Tip
Beginner Orange Belt Adaptability
Intermediate Green Tip
Intermediate Green Belt Strength
Intermediate Brown Tip
Intermediate Brown Belt Awareness
Advanced Black Tip  
Advanced Black Belt, 1st dan Achievement
Advanced Black Belt, 2nd dan + New Beginning


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