Danbury Kanreikai Karate Black Belts


Each karateka whose name appears below has been training for several years under the guidance of Hanshi Manny Matias at the World Kanreikai Karate Headquarters.
 They have advanced through all the steps leading to the Black Belt and the title of Senpai.
Such a journey is filled with hard work, perseverance and illustrates World Kanreikai Karate‘s philosophy: never give up, reach beyond your limits!

These Men and Women are ambassadors of our school and organization around the world!

8th dan – Hanshi Manny Matias

4th dan – Sensei Gary London

3rd dan – Sensei Robert Underhill

3rd dan – Sensei Dan LaChance

3rd dan –  Sensei Luis Naula

3rd dan – Sensei Matthew Dickie

2nd dan – Sensei Chris Goncalves

2nd dan – Sensei Mariusz Janicki

2nd dan- Senpai Zdzislaw Zyskowski

2nd dan – Senpai Katherine Naula

2nd dan – Senpai Mori Ichikawa

2nd dan – Senpai Christian Naula

1st dan – Senpai Vincent Kuruc

1st dan – Senpai Tony Castillo

1st dan – Senpai Carlos Morfa

1st dan – Senpai Mike Rudinskiy

1st dan – Senpai Dan Kuzmich

1st dan – Senpai Mitto Ichikawa

1st dan – Senpai Chris Poe

1st dan – Senpai Michael Duff

1st dan – Senpai Pete Fitzpatrick

1st dan – Senpai Eric Palanzo

1st dan – Senpai Jason Goncalves

1st dan – Senpai Marcia Oliveira

1st dan – Senpai Jesssica Matias

1st dan – Senpai Derrick Motta

1st dan – Senpai Gary Poe

1st dan – Senpai Rich Zimmerman

1st dan – Senpai Alexander Solovyev

1st dan – Senpai Matthew Oliveria

Jr BB – Senpai Michelle Naula

Jr BB – Senpai James Naula

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