Danbury Kanreikai Instructors

Hanshi Manny Matias – 8th dan,¬†Manny Matias acquired a solid reputation as a lightweight fighter and knockdown champion in North America. He is highly regarded in worldwide martial arts in Japanese karate. In addition to numerous awards he was admitted to the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2003 as Shihan of the Year and in 2014, was recognized by other Instructors, Masters, Grand-masters and many dignitaries worldwide, for achieving the utmost of honors possible – USA Martial Arts “Hall of Fame” Hall of Hero’s Karate Living Legacy / Pioneer Award for his years of dedication to the martial arts.

Sensei Gary London, 4th dan – has been training in the martial arts for thirty years. He attained his first black belt in Tae-kwon-do. After joining the Oyama organization, he received his 1st degree black belt under Hanshi Manny Matias in 1977 and has since progressed to 4th dan with the World Kanreikai Karate organization. Gary participated in numerous knockdown, semi-knockdown, point karate, form competitions, and kata tournaments where he regularly placed first. Gary is also an International Tournament Judge.

Sensei Matthew Dickie, 3rd dan – entered the martial arts in 1999 under Shihan Kenji Fujiwara where he earned his 1st degree Black Belt in Kyokushin in 2005. Since joining the Kanreikai organization, with hard work and dedication, he has earned his 3rd degree black belt. Matt attends no less than 6 classes per week and since 2010 has taken on the role of Lead Instructor. Matt is also an International Tournament Judge and has participated in semi-knockdown and kata competitions where he placed in the top three on many occasions.

Assistant Instructors

Senpai Christian Naula, 1st dan – has been training under Hanshi Manny since he was 7 years old. Christian earned his Jr. Black Belt at the age of 13 and in 2014 gained the title of 1st Dan. Christian trains on a weekly basis as he participates in numerous international tournaments per year where he’s placed 1st in many kata and semi-knockdown events. In 2014 he entered into the knockdown areana and placed 1st on many occasions. Christian has always been active with the Danbury Kanreikai sudents so it was a welcome fit when he took on the role of Assistant Instructor.

Senpai Alexander Solovyev, 1st dan – joined the World Kanreikai organization in March of 2011. With dedication to his martial arts training, Sasha (as he’s nicknamed), earned his 1st degree black belt in 2015. His patience and dedication to the Danbury Kanreikai students has earned him the title of Assistant Instructor. Sasha has participated in local and regional semi-knockdown competitions where he is striving to achieve champion status.

Senpai Matthew Oliveria, 1st dan – has been training with the World Kanreikai organization since he was 5 years old. With his deep roots and dedication, Matthew never fails to participate in promoting martial arts throughout the Danbury community. Matthew has participated in regional and international semi-knockdown competitions where he has placed in the top three. Matthew has also achieved International Tournament Judge and Assistant Instructor status.